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Tarot Phone Case - Suit of Swords

Tarot Phone Case - Suit of Swords

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Shell your phone with a case that acknowledges the power of your voice- YOUR TRUTH. Let it serve as a reminder that YOU- your thoughts, words, and actions can be the catalyst for change. Likewise, not all posts are worth commenting on- not all debates worth the energetic expulsion. Pick and choose when to pull out your swords- or lay down your weapon. Be present, you deserve to truly live each moment. 

Swords are the third suit in the tarot, representing the element of air. Say goodbye to the panic that comes with accidental drops- and any hello to the reminder that you don’t have to respond, react, reply- to anything you don’t want to. You reserve the right to protect your phone, and your energy. 

Materials & Features

  • Impact-resistant polycarbonate outer shell
  • TPU silicone liner on the inside of the case has a premium finish and absorbs shock from impacts
  • Dual layer case for extra durability and protection
  • Clear, open ports for connectivity 

Shipping & Returns

All products are made to order, average production time is 2-3 business days.

US orders will arrive 2-5 business days following shipping *subject to location.

Free standard shipping on all United States orders.

*NO RETURNS - All items are made to order. See refund policy for additional information regarding damaged items.


Each model of phone will vary in specifications. Specification of phone size will be determined by the name of phone model. Please verify on your mobile device that the model type matches your product selection before purchase.

Care Instructions

  • Clean with a soft damp cotton or microfiber cloth (add a drop of dish soap if needed).

Purchase Reminder

As a means to preserve our planet and combat environmental waste- ALL ITEMS are made to order. Store invoices are reviewed daily at 11pm MST - and approved for production. If you have an issue with your order once you have placed it, you have until 10:59 pm MST the SAME DAY to contact us with your order adjustment, or a buyers remorse cancellation request @ Please see "Refund Policy" for additional information. No returns or refunds will be given following the buyers remorse grace period. Thank you for your understanding.
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