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Divine Atlas Tarot

Personal Tarot Reading 15-20 Minute (Video Recording)

Personal Tarot Reading 15-20 Minute (Video Recording)

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By placing a purchase order on this item, you are agreeing to the following items below:

Receive an email with a link to a recorded video reading from Divine Atlas Tarot. This is a safe space- free of judgement. Any information disclosed will never be viewed by anyone other than yourself or anyone YOU provide with the link. THIS IS THE ONLY WAY YOU CAN GET A PERSONAL READING WITH ME. I WILL NEVER REACH OUT TO YOU TO OFFER SERVICES OR ASK FOR DONATIONS.

Wait Time: A Dropbox link with your pre-recorded reading will be sent to purchase email within 7 days from the date of purchase. You will receive the link to view, and a screenshot of the uploaded video thumbnail, displaying video duration. This will include your purchase order number. 

Privacy: You will only be able to view the video with a link. Readings will be deleted from 14 days after posting to maintain your privacy. 

Accessibility: YOU DO NOT HAVE TO HAVE A DROPBOX ACCOUNT TO VIEW OR DOWNLOAD READING. You may download the video recording if you choose within the 14 days, if you do not download the video, it will be permanently lost on the 15th day. VERIFICATION EMAILS SENT TO YOU WILL BE STORED INEVITABLY, AND LOGGED FOR PROOF OF PURCHASE FULFILLMENT AND DELIVERY. 

Each reading is preceded with meditation and an energy clearing, any channeled information in meditation will be mentioned in the video. 

REQUIRED BEFORE READING - READING TOPIC: Send any questions or requests for the reading topic to AS SOON AS YOU HAVE COMPLETED CHECKOUT. INCLUDE YOUR ORDER CONFIRMATION NUMBER. Send an email titled "Universe Reading" when you have no particular topic in mind so that I have verification of your request preference. ***IF YOU WANT ME TO USE CERTAIN DECKS SPECIFY IN THE EMAIL. For a list of decks I use- refer to the description box of any of my Youtube videos. 

Options: The options are endless! You may ask anything, or for any subject. For legal reasons I will not explore health, legal, or financial advice. The listed items below are examples of regularly performed readings. 


Love & Romance: You may ask specific questions, or ask for a general reading. Love does NOT have to just be romantic, you can choose to look at platonic relationships such as parental, siblings, etc. Reading Topic Examples: Single looking for love, You vs. Them, General reading with specific yes/no questions, or even "why" questions. Lessons, blocks and advice will always be read; as every relationship in our life serves a special purpose. 

Career & Life Path: *I am NOT a financial advisor, I will not offer financial advice, but will read the energy that is provided as provided. Career and life path do not have to be related, though they are often interconnected. You may ask specific questions or ask for a general reading. Reading Topic Examples: Unhappy in my current career/life path- this would entail pulling strengths and weaknesses, things to work on within, and looking at potential external shifts to make towards fulfillment. 

Chakra Reading: An energetic view into each Chakra, blocked or open- energy that may be stuck, or stagnant in certain places and how that translates into your outward reality. 

The Universe Reading: The reading is completely spontaneous, I allow the universe to decide what comes through, as sometimes there are deeper things we are unaware of contributing to our everyday issues. 

Healing the Inner Child: If you have yet to delve into the depths of the inner child, I highly recommended it. Our childhood is where all of our traumas, issues, behaviors, and patterns began- whether passed down through our lineage or learned from our environment. Though a 15 minute reading could never tap into the full complexity of the inner child - it will provide an insight to the deeper meaning behind patterns and behaviors that exist within your everyday life; and provide the steps to begin (or continue) the healing journey. 

ALL SALES ARE FINAL: If you aren't certain about wanting a private reading, please do not purchase one. Watch my (or others) free general readings until you feel ready. I have limited slots each week; I want to provide a meaningful experience for each individual. From the time of purchase, and receipt of reading topic- energy begins to formulate towards the reading. Please note, if uncomfortable (for you) information comes up in the reading, it is in no way, shape, or form- uncomfortable for me. We are all having a human experience, my particular upbringing and life experience has exposed me to all walks of life, corners of the psyche, and depths of the shadow. Know that you are loved, accepted, and understood as we read what comes through. 

Purchase ONLY when wanting an immediate reading (within 1-7 days) If the product shows "sold out," - I am completely booked for the week. Notification of openings will be posted on social media as space becomes available.

Divine Atlas Tarot is NOT responsible for any actions taken after watching a tarot video (general or personal). You are your own person, and in control of your life. I am your equal, translating a language of energy and artwork. Divine Atlas Tarot is NOT responsible for the security of the video once YOU HAVE DOWNLOADED A COPY. All access to the video on our end will be permanently removed after 14 days. 

Please leave a review! If you enjoyed your experience, let others know in our review section. If you have any issues with your reading, please email so that we may rectify the issue directly. 

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As a means to preserve our planet and combat environmental waste- ALL ITEMS are made to order. Store invoices are reviewed daily at 11pm MST - and approved for production. If you have an issue with your order once you have placed it, you have until 10:59 pm MST the SAME DAY to contact us with your order adjustment, or a buyers remorse cancellation request @ Please see "Refund Policy" for additional information. No returns or refunds will be given following the buyers remorse grace period. Thank you for your understanding.
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How I love the reading. She goes in depth and explains everything very well. Made me look forward to what's ahead. I can't wait to come back and have another reading, I may do this once a month now.





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