Our Story

 A narrative of the hidden inner rhetoric. 

From a series of dreams in outer space-- and the start of my YouTube channel Divine Atlas Tarot, this creation emerged. The ever-growing need to follow my passions diverged me onto several paths. Some of those paths will take many years- though this path has been calling to me since childhood.  For as long as I can remember, there has been pressure to fit into a certain category, class, or group- to contain a specific set of beliefs. A pressure to hide your true self, your inner nature and expression- as to make others feel "comfortable."
Gaining acceptance has always required oneself to conform inside of a box.
Being at this point in my life takes me back to my 6th grade graduation speech, "never judge a book by its cover." At that age- without comprehending the gravity of it- I desperately wanted others to understand that appearance (or ego) didn't match one's soul. As judgement has evolved from the definition of wisdom to a more negative connotation, I spoke of the discriminations we place upon others because of their appearance. You never truly outgrow your childhood dreams- and for the 6th grade version of me, I'd say- good job sport for asking others not to discriminate. Although I represent complete acceptance of others (including the shadows) and self acceptance, for this project I'm counting on human nature to evoke the unpopular response that comes from differences.
When you begin to expand your soul's consciousness- your appearance begins to become less of an everyday importance; others acceptance isn't a priority on your list of to-do's. My goal with the creation of Divine Atlas Apparel- is to employ appearance for judgement. For the ones who wear the threads: when you look at your meditate shirt or eccentric pentacle pants, the intention is to pull you back into your center when things become mundane (the etymology of mundane-- is an interesting concept); and to truly push you to the limits of your expansion. For those who observe you wearing eccentric pants or wild shirts-- the intention is to evoke the unstoked fire that's been aimlessly searching for guidance.
We are all here to explore, expand, grow, learn, develop, collaborate, connect, create. We are all here to be our unique self, and to contribute to the wellbeing of the collective. At some point- we get lost in the space that dominates our reality. May the covers of our souls blow the dust off the stagnant books in our societal shelf - and remind us to continue writing new chapters. In tarot, following the major arcana card "Judgement"- comes "The World," the graduation and completion of a cycle. The World represents endings and beginnings- and a recognition that YOU are enough. YOU are important. I hope that every item from this store faces judgement- for yourself, and for others to finally awaken to who they can become without feeling ashamed. If you are here reading this today, I'm proud of YOU. The world needs YOU- your gifts, your talents and untapped skills. What amazing things are you hiding?
Before you say you aren't unique or talented- I'd advise you to reconsider your path. I'll never know when I lost myself- that young creative, passionate, inventive version of me. I know now that I had suppressed the beautiful parts of myself for many years- hoping if I just got that degree, went down that career path- then finally, just finally- I would be enough. Those are the exact type of thoughts that I intend for you to liberate yourself from - so that you can follow your own bliss. Unfortunately- we live in a time where conventionality stands resolute against change. We can't all follow the traditional route of learning a trade for years and utilizing a specific set of skills. I tried that route- changed majors and course several times, spent too many years in college- and left without a degree or direction. Remember that your truth is different than another's. Mine is different than yours. We are all here to find our way- not "the way," there isn't only one way. Our truth, and destiny continues to change- when we fight our own growth, we become unfulfilled. 
This store reflects my truth- and was created with a few ingredients: a little girl's  passion for dressing up teddy bears, eccentric snails; the decision to fill all of my elective credits with art classes during my secondary education; the "designing for usability" course from my rhetoric program- my absolute love of tarot, astrology, expansion, astronauts— and the drive to adapt to the evolution of technology.
As a wise minnow once challenged a dormant snail-- I hope you follow your unique path, emit your ace of swords-- and find the spark within your soul.

 Tiffany Nase, Divine Atlas Apparel