For all divine creatures, Amazon shoppers and Prime members alike! With the added benefits of Amazon’s speedy delivery & return policies - for your convenience, we have listed a limited selection of designs to your favorite e-commerce platform!

Note that all materials are selected by, therefore; items with the same design on both and may differ in size, material, and printing quality. 

Meditating Lillies Astronaut Graphic T-Shirt


Mars Outerspace Spacesuit Astronaut Graphic Add Water T-Shirt


The Hierophant Tarot Teal Spacesuit Astronaut Graphic T-Shirt


The Hierophant Tarot Spacesuit Astronaut Graphic T-Shirt


The Sun Tarot Card Vintage Astronaut Graphic T-Shirt


Astronomical Meditating Outerspace Graphic T-Shirt


Magician Tarot Spacesuit Astronaut T-Shirt


The Ugly Tarot Christmas Sweater