While you might find tarot, astronauts, snails, astrology, numerology, mindfulness- and many other things in this store; you'll find that they all make up a part of one whole-- my rhetoric. My truth. 

Before I dive into a story of higher learning, expansion of consciousness - tarot, astrology, numerology, and all things divine-- I'd like to say: never stop asking questions. Never stop growing - always be exactly who you are. 

Truth is an interesting concept. For many years I fell into the societal norm of rigid. You know, the good old- "this is truth so obviously that cannot be truth." I was gifted a deck of tarot cards before I'd even considered there was a possibility that divine source was everywhere- in everything, in everyone. Somehow my limited thought processes didn't parallel the fact that everything in existence is composed of matter- in the same way that energy moves through all things.

As I landed on my final change of major in college - writing and rhetorical studies, I came into a knowing. As I dipped my toe into rhetoric, I knew then- from that point on, my thirst for expansion would be endless. Due to the taboo nature of my interests - I kept my new found passion for all things esoteric to myself. It wasn't until I studied rhetoric that I came to understand of truth. People will ask - what is rhetoric? Most would answer that rhetoric is the art of persuasion. Which, yes to a variable degree that would be the shadow attribute of rhetoric. However, I would answer- rhetoric is the expression of one's absolute truth. As one can mask themselves, one can mask rhetoric. What's even more - much like our destiny, our truth will change over time.

How does this relate to anything? Truth. As you grow, in age, mentally, spiritually, and emotionally- I'd challenge you to remove any limitations posed upon you by shadow rhetoric. "If you like ___ you are weird." "You have to do ___ or your soul will perish." "You have to be ___ to be a good partner." "You can't like ___ and be ____." "You have to get a ___ degree to succeed." Once we are able to remove the box that engulfs our mind - the unconventional parts we push below the surface can finally emerge and integrate into our authenticity, where they belong.

If you know much about tarot, you'd know the Hierophant represents a point along the journey where higher consciousness battles out the beliefs and structures of society. We struggle collectively with this. We want to force things to make sense by keeping them inside rigid categories, especially when foreign concepts arise. The Hierophant holds the key- much like you hold your key. We were able to integrate the flat earth concept into an updated perspective once the proper knowledge came to be. We struggle to integrate divinity into an updated concept - even though the knowledge is more readily available at our fingertips than has been ever before. I truly hope that you are able to find your key. The door you open in life should look unique to you. The path that is on the other side is yours, and yours alone. Kindred souls are bound to find you- egoic souls are bound to ridicule you. My truth, opinions, and perspective will never fully equate to yours - and THAT, is what makes YOU special. The authentic you.